Dr. Siarhei Podniuk

I want to share my impressions of my trip to Israel and the journey through this ancient country with Isra Home Tours & Travel.

In the beginning I would like to note that I had come to Israel to visit my friend. But my desire was not only to spend time with my friend, but also to learn about the country, visiting historical places. And my friend suggested me to go to Isra Home Tours & Travel. Since I originally did not go as tourist, then I joined an already-formed group. Since I was in one city and the group – in the other, I arrived at the hotel at about 2:00 am. My surprise was that instead of information about my room at the reception I was met by one of the directors of the company, who accompanied the group (remember that it was 2:00 am), and personally held by him in my room. In the morning he introduced me to the rest of the group. By the way, I want to note that throughout the tour we were accompanied by the guide and by one of the leaders of Isra Home Tours & Travel. Therefore, any issues that arose during our travels were solved very quickly.

The program of the tour included a visit to the main sights of Israel, as well as Biblical sites. But, nevertheless, the company listened to the wishes of tourists and included in the program of visiting other places that interested us. So the program has turned round saturated. But it was all organized very reasonable – there was enough time to rest, to buy souvenirs and to make photos. A very professional guide did not just tell the myths and legends of the different locations, but shared real historical facts and correlated what we have seen with what was said about it in the Bible. So it was a trip in Israel with a Bible in his hands.

The level of service was also perfect. We slept in beautiful hotels, rode the bus with air conditioning and working Wi-Fi, so that many of us immediately upload photos of visited places to Facebook in the time we moved from one place to another. In addition to an excursion program, we were also provided relaxation in the Dead Sea and a visit to the factory for the production of cosmetics from Dead Sea minerals.

Since I am a Christian, I wanted to be in a worship service. Directors of Isra Home Tours & Travel provided for me this, so I was able to visit a Christian evangelical church.

During the trip directors of the company have become my friends. And since I was still in Israel after the end of the tour, and seeing it was the time of Passover, the founder of Isra Home Tours & Travel Andrey Senderov honored me and invited me to the Seder Supper in his family.

I flew home with the best impressions about Israel, the majority due to the time I spent traveling around the country with Isra Home Tours & Travel, as well as the communication time with Andrey Senderov and Andrey Bozik.

Dr. Siarhei Padniuk, director of the Theological Institute in Minsk, Belarus

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