Your guide and tour operator for an unforgettable journey in Israel

When we roam the land of Israel together, we are thrilled with the fact that it is the same beautiful, magical, biblical land – that God promised to Abraham (Genesis 17:8).

As we walk the terrain, climb the mountains, and swim in the rivers, our hearts and souls are filled with joy and peace as we realize that these are the places we have read about so many times in our Bibles. These are the very locations where so many of our favourite stories from the Old and New Testaments took place, right here in the land of Israel.

Here at Isra Home Tours our desire is to provide a unique experience of the Holy Land. We will take you to the places where the Biblical stories will once again come alive. It will be a journey that will help you to imagine childhood heroes such as King David at the Ha Ella Valley, Joshua crossing the river Jordan, Samuel in Shiloh, Samson killing a lion, Elijah walking around Mount Carmel, the life of the prophets and many others…

The beloved characters and places will become a reality in front of your very eyes. As we visit places like the Ein Gedi springs it will be possible to imagine David fleeing from Saul, sensing his fear has he hid himself in the caves of the region, and reflect upon the psalms he wrote in a new light.

We will also have the opportunity to observe the places where the angel of God spoke to such characters as Abraham, Gideon, Joshua and others. This is where Abraham wandered, Joshua battled, David reigned and the Son of God lived, died, rose and ascended.

The archaeological sites of ancient battlegrounds, key historical events of the Jewish people, and most important: places of grace and salvation!

We will discover the Galilee region in the north where Jesus once walked, places that were so familiar to him such as the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, and Capernaum. As we journey to the South, we will visit sites in the ancient Kingdom of Judah, such as the beloved city of Jerusalem, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and many more.

We want to share this unique experience and invite you to come with us as we reveal the meaning of the biblical stories, and discover the hidden treasures of the ancient Scriptures – all within the Biblical land of Israel.

Let us guide you towards a clearer, closer, more personal understanding of the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies today.

At Isra Home Tours we strongly believe that bringing people from all over the world, pastors, youth, pilgrims from different denominations and congregations, will not only promote unity but also help them to become more established in their faith. We believe there is nothing greater than God’s grace and we pray that God will work in the hearts of people of all ages.

At Isra Home Tours the desire of our hearts is not simply to provide a Holy Land tour that is fun, it is primarily to give our groups unforgettably blessed times of prayer, worship, spiritual encouragement and good spiritual food here in the land of Israel. For example, reading the Bible and enjoying a quiet time of prayer on a mountain top, sitting on the bank of a river, or walking along some of the ancient trails surrounded by beautiful biblical scenery as we hike together, enjoy fellowship with one another, and have an amazing time.