What length of day can I expect?

A normal schedule will typically last from 8am until 6pm.

How much walking is required?

We do not recommend our tours for people who cannot walk at least a kilometer at a reasonable, moderate speed. Not being able to walk quickly enough may result in you missing parts of the tour schedule.

Are children allowed on the tours?

We suggest that you do not bring along children who under ten years of age. Parents take full responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of their children, whilst also ensuring that children do not disturb nor otherwise hinder the quality of the tour.

What types of meals are included?

Most tours include buffet breakfast and dinners. There is generally wide choice of different meat and vegetables, as well as salads, desserts and drinks. We can also cater for special diets such as gluten-free, upon request, provided that due notice is given prior to two weeks before arriving on the tour.

Is water provided at meals?

Yes, water is always provided.

How much shall I tip?

Suggested tipping on a group tours is recommended at $6-10 per person per touring day for the guide and $3-5 per person per driving day for the driver.

How will we be travelling?

You will be travelling on modern buses with air conditioning. Rest stops are made every 1-2 hours for your comfort.

What types of hotels are included?

Most hotels are modern, and are rated as 3, 4 star or above, according to local government standards. All accommodation will have a good standard of cleanliness and service. We can provide more details of your accommodation when we send out your itinerary.

Do we stay at the same hotel during the tour?

You will likely stay in two different hotels: a few days in one hotel, and a few days in another.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, it is free to use in almost all the hotels.

Are hairdryers available in hotels?

Yes; hairdryers are available at most hotels.

What do I wear?

You will probably wish to wear comfortable clothes appropriate for summer weather, however you should dress modestly in the holy places.

Are laundry facilities available?

No, unless staying at a 4 or 5 star hotel, in which case you will have to pay extra.

Can I be baptized on the tour?

Yes, this is possible in the Jordan River.

What to do about cell phones and emergency contact?

You should contact your company for roaming costs and more details about usability in the areas you are touring. In addition, you may hire cell phones at a reasonable price through us. You will also find emergency contact information included within your travel documents.

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