Golan Heights

Drive through the Golan Heights where the crucial battles of the Six Day War were fought in 1967. Drive along Israel’s border with Syria and stop at the Quneitra overlook. We then proceed to the ancient Caesarea Philippi, now known as Banias. As at Dan, you’ll also enjoy the natural beauty of Banias nestled on the flourishing banks of one the Jordan’s main tributaries. Stop for an overview of Gamla, also known as “Masada of the north” where you’ll hear a heroic story of the few against the many, as the raptors that are protected here soar overhead in these magnificent natural surroundings.  Continue to Katzrin and visit its ancient Talmudic Village to understand aspects of daily life at the time of Jesus.


Departure Wednesdays

Rates per person in Economy class bus or van in a groups up to 18 people

Pick up from Tel Aviv and Bat Yam hotels 120$


If you would like to have a tour in a small group up to 5,6 persons, ask us for special rates


Please bring hats and comfortable shoes

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