Short term rentals

A lot of people today prefer to rent an apartment than booking hotel's room. Today more and more visitors prefer the private accommodations as a perfect combination of reasonable prices and a wide range of services.
Thousands of tourists are arriving daily in Israel. Some of them are coming with a pilgrimage purpose, to visit historical places, and others simply want to relax or improve their health.
What attracts tourists? Obvious advantages of living in private apartments. Rental apartments are distinguished from the hotel rooms and private atmosphere to feel the comfort to which you are accustomed to, many miles from home. In addition, the rental of apartments is considerably cheaper than a hotel room.
To insure the maximum comfort of our clients/guests' stay in Israel our company has prepared a database that includes the list of all our apartments, and short term rentals in many cities in Israel. We have apartments of the elite class for a luxurious stay in cities like Hertzliya and Tel Aviv, and a "more economical" option for a comfortable stay for families and/or groups of friends.
Our company will do the best that so that after a short term apartment rental stay in Israel you will leave with only pleasant impressions!
At your request we will ensure all delivery issues at the airport. We will do everything to make our guests feel at home in our country!
Renting an apartment in Israel can be for a period of 4 nights to several months. For booking short term accommodations, please leave your particular request and we'll do the rest for you. Remember that if you visit Israel on a family vacation, touring with a group of friends, pilgrimage tour, medical tourism, or for business purposes:

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