About us

Our company was founded in 2012 by Andrei Senderov. Isra Home Tours&Travel operates our tours and services with official authorisation. The company is registered as an Israeli inbound tour operator. 

Our entire team has a deep love for Israel. Therefore, we will do all we can to guarantee that your visit to Israel with our company will inspire you to grow closer to God. What's more, a deeper understanding of God's Word - from Bible prophesies to Bible promises - will naturally result from you “following in the footsteps” of the Bible's main characters.

We provide: Group Pilgrimages, Evangelical Holy Land tours, Christian tour packages for Protestants and Catholics, special daily tours and Bible adventure hiking tours.

At Isra Home Tours & Travel, we can also organize your business summits, church conferences, music concerts, and special celebrations such as: weddings, baptisms, and anniversary parties.

With Isra Home Tours & Travel you will witness the fulfillment of Biblical prophesies, visit local Messianic/Christian congregations, and meet Israeli pastors and believers. You will be able to “break bread” in the Land that Jesus first broke the bread of the New Covenant! Come and visit the homeland of Messiah!



Andrei Senderov, Owner&Founder