Israeli messianic minister visits Brazil with lectures and sermons about Israel

Israeli messianic minister and defender of the Jewish state, Andrei Senderov has recently visited Brazil where he was invited to participate in a conference named "Yes, Israel." This conference was organized by the pro-Israeli Brazilian organization "Sim Israel". Pastor Alexander Becker from Belo Horizonte and Pastor - intercessor Alex Maciel from Rio de Janeiro were also invited to participate.

This symposium took place in the south and central regions of Brazil in the cities of Santiago, Ponta Grossa, and Cianorte.

The Sim Israel organization that organized this event is very well known among different Evangelical churches in Brazil for its outstanding support of the Jewish state. The goal of Sim Israel is to educate and explain to the Brazilian Christians why it is so important to support, bless and pray for Israel.

"When there are so many groups of people trying to boycott and demonize Israel it is crucial to stand in defense of my country, to tell the truth and counter the lies that are spread by the media and other public resources regarding Israel. Replacement theology is one of the most destructive teachings in the church today and for me it was important to stand against this heresy and to demonstrate according to the bible, the physical and spiritual restoration of the nation of Israel and why it's so important for all Christians to build bridges and friendships with the Jewish people."

"It was an amazing time, lots of meetings and church services, open hearts and minds, I'm really happy to see so many people who always pray and support Israel and also that the biblical prophecies about our country have an authority among Brazilian believers, the minister shared.”

He added that all Christians have a need to support and defend Israel not only because of the biblical context but also due to the fact that this country is contributing so many good things for the world.

"We do not claim to be perfect in everything we are doing, but it's impossible to ignore the achievements and success that this country has had in a such a short time" the minister added.

Andrei Senderov also lectured in the University of Cuiaba and Assemblies of God church where around 1500 people gathered together, among them 200 pastors from the local churches. He was able to speak on a live radio station and share the news and last updates about Israel with local believers as well.

During his visit, Andrei was also interviewed on the Rit Tv channel in São Paulo broadcasting online to the Evangelical Portuguese speaking audience worldwide. The Main topics of the interview were the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Christians in the Middle East and the development of the messianic movement in Israel.